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About LV1 Media

LV1 Media was founded by entrepreneur and internet marketer Ben Munger. While most of Ben’s career was spent in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and health club owner, his passion for digital marketing started to grow when transitioning his own retail businesses to the world of online marketing back in 2007. Starting his first few websites, Ben quickly noticed that there were significant challenges and learning curves to building and marketing a website.

Hiring numerous web designers and so called “specialists” with little success, Ben realized that in order to compete in the online space, he needed to learn digital marketing himself. So over the next few years, studying everything from web design and development to search engine optimization, social media marketing and how to actually convert targeted leads into buying customers, the passion for internet marketing was born. 

“There was just something about selling products and services online that excited me. The fact that you’re not limited to a 3 mile demographic as I was when I owned nutrition stores got me extremely motivated to learn this industry…now literally the world is my market!” 

Starting out in affiliate marketing, (mostly for health and fitness products naturally) Ben started to network with other successful internet marketers from all over the world. He started to broker website projects and marketing campaigns for a number of outsourcing agencies to former clients and business owners in his own network. 

 After developing strategic partnerships with the team of experienced experts, Ben decided to start the brand LV1 Media – A digital marketing agency committed to delivering real results with a higher ROI, something he hadn’t found in many so called marketing agencies today.

 “I’ve worked with a number of freelance designers and SEO companies over the years, but there was never really one company that would educated you on how to generate targeted traffic via the search engines or social media, then send that traffic to a modern website with converting graphics and calls to action… In other words, a website or sales funnel that helps you generated sales and acquire new customers.”

LV1 Media has recently gained the attention of many national and international brands and is starting to expand into multiple locations across the United States and Canada.

“We are proudly expanding rapidly and will continue to grow into most metropolitan areas across the country." 

If you're interested in becoming a part of the National1 Media Brand, then contact us below to see if your desired territory is available. 

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